Call Newnan Garage Repair for safety conscious and affordably priced repair service for your residential or commercial garage door springs. Our in-house technicians are licensed, bonded and insured. We are also expert at repairing your damaged springs. If the wear is too great, we can replace one or both springs so that you can once more enjoy safe and regular access to your garage. We offer warranty protection, convenient service times and 24-hour emergency spring service. Call for some free price quotes and let Newnan Garage Repair restore your set of garage door springs!

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  • Is your auto trapped inside your garage because the door won’t open?
  • Did you come home to a raised garage door and you know you closed it?
  • Did your garage door start to lift, only to fall back down?
  • Does your raised garage door sway in the wind?
  • Does your garage door hang with a noticeable tilt?

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Our garage door springs work hard every day to raise and lower our heavy garage doors. We scarcely pay attention to them until they snap. Then our regular routines and even our safety can be compromised. Newnan Garage Repair offers fast and affordable relief. Call us for:

Be sure that your springs are repaired safely and correctly. They will be when you call Newnan Garage Repair!

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