How to find a good garage door repair business

Newnan finding a good garage servicesWith so many services out there making all kinds of offers, it may at times be difficult to figure out whether a business is legitimate in its claims.

This is the case across various industries, but is especially true when it comes to garage door repairs. If you live in Newnan, GA, we want you to have full peace of mind over the repair technician that you are hiring to restore your garage door to great working condition. After all, nobody wants to fall for scams – nor should they spend hundreds of dollars paying for services that are substandard. That’s why the Newnan Garage Repair team is dedicating this post to helping you identify the best garage door repair business for your specific requirements, no matter where you are located.

Let’s begin by detailing the different steps to take to ensure you are making the right decision.

Getting started on the research

If this is the first time you’ve had to request any kind of garage door assistance, don’t stress. With a little bit of research, the entire process is guaranteed to run smoothly.

First and foremost, ask around. Word of mouth is still the best way to establish whether any business carries credibility. In your search for the right repair business to hire, we would recommend you take these simple steps:

      - Get recommendations from friends, family, acquaintances and neighbors
      - Read through company websites, and check whether the address they provide online is legitimately theirs
      - Once you have a few business names noted down, call the local Better Business Bureau to check if complaints have been laid against them
      - Ask the company to provide a list of customer references in the area.

Be wary of information that is out there 

We can’t stress this enough: don’t take anything a business says at face value. There are subtle signs that the garage door repair service you are looking to hire may not be legitimate. Most commonly, you should proceed with caution whenever you notice these red flags:  

1. Excessive advertising 

Large Yellow Pages ads and top Google results could be a reason for alarm. The more boastful a business is about their services, the less likely they are to be credible. So, be very wary of excessive appeals, including promises of discounts, boastfulness about same-day services, questionable-looking reviews or a continuous strain of unverifiable claims along the lines of “the best 5-star service in your area”.

2. No address listed anywhere

That should be enough reason to run in the other direction. Like we said, check the company’s website for an address then do a Google search to see if it actually exists or if there is something completely different at this supposed location.

3. Listen to how they answer phone calls

A credible garage door repair service provider would never refuse to tell you their name. If the person on the other side answers the phone using a generic sentence like, then you should ask them for the full name of their company. Quite simply, if they show any signs of defensiveness because of this question, hang up and move on to the next business.

On finding the best business

One of the key things to look out for is whether your repair service provider is genuinely located in Newnan, GA. A local business will not charge extra for travel and service callouts, and they will be easier to cross-check when it comes to establishing credibility.

You may feel tempted to settle for the first repair business that you talk to, but we would recommend that you inquire more closely. Get bids from 2-3 companies before making the final decision, asking each garage door repair business to tell you about the minimum charges for service calls (because there may be hidden fees for extra parts and labor) and request a full price quote for the services you are seeking.

In a similar vein, never pay full price upfront and do not authorize a repair until your technician has explained your garage door’s damage and the full costs for fixing it. Some garage door businesses in Newnan, GA, may require a partial deposit before they conduct a repairs – this is a legitimate procedure. Anything beyond that could mean the business is not to be trusted.

In sum, here are the top things to inquire about

1. Reputation

Like we said, check their website and online reviews, and search for recommendations. But there is one more point to consider. Knowing how well the business is doing could help with long-term planning. For instance, a business that’s not doing well financially will not be able to uphold a warranty if your garage breaks down in a few years’ time. When you are talking to a technician, ask them how business has been doing – they are unlikely to balk at the question if things are looking up for them.

2. Experience 

In a way, this ties into the first point. How long has this business been around? If it is not immediately clear, checking their accreditation will help you find out. An experienced garage door repair service will have solid credentials, so make sure to ask the company if they are members of the International Garage Door Association and if they are certified by the door manufacturers they sell or install.

3. Rules and regulations

This is very important – you don’t want your property to run afoul with local laws. For full peace of mind, ask your technician to explain how they comply with your city’s building codes and regulations.

4. Licensing and insurance

This is very much related to the last couple of points. All garage door repair contractors need to be certified in safety practices. Basically, any business that refuses to provide a copy of Certificate of Insurance upon is not credible and not worth your time.

Now that you know what to look out for, you are set to make the right decision. Newnan Garage Repair is among the different locally-based repair service providers that you could choose from. We have all the credentials, and will gladly answer any questions that come our way. Don’t hesitate to inquire about our services during your pursuit of the best technician for the job, and we wish you the best of luck with your research.